Event Branding

Have you ever reflected on the nature of recalled moments and the elements that makes it memorable?  Event branding is the unique touch and collection of elements that defines the image of your event. It has a formula which covers all aspects of event management- the process of adding branding to the stages of event planning from pre-planning to post-activities.

Event branding reflects the true colors, imaginations and messages of the event organizers and sponsors.

We understand how important great memories are to you; our goal is to develop a smart event branding strategy to help you create those memories you want to remember.

Why You Should Brand Your Event with JEKABRAND

  • Increase Awareness
  • Maximize Engagement
  • Drive Sales
  • Create lasting memories in the heart of attendees and sponsors.



Branding doesn’t start at the venue.  Jekabrand will help you create a well-aligned image of your event using effective elements of event branding – from event website development, creative logo/mascot development, On and Offline graphic designs, branded souvenirs, T-shirts, banners, flyers, radio/TV jingles, branded booths, roll up stands, billboards,

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